Trade fair training &

Motivating impulses for the trade fair team

The trade fair team plays a key role in the success of the trade fair appearance. But how do employees manage to successfully communicate the trade fair strategy at the trade fair and bring it to life for visitors? How are corporate DNA, values and goals conveyed coherently? And what is important in critical situations – keyword: #fairbehaviour? We prepare your teams so that they do the right thing in every situation. For your trade fair team too – we look forward to hearing from you! You can make an appointment directly here.

Trade fair training

Preparation is everything: how can the visitor experience be designed to match the exhibitor’s requirements – and what is important in terms of communication? Together with your team, we work out the right approach in the trade fair training and provide them with a practical toolbox for the trade fair days. Together, interactive, inspiring and at eye level.

Team kick-off

The full dose of trade fair training condensed to the essentials: The central aspects of trade fair training are presented as motivating impulses – e.g. as a keynote speech at the trade fair kick-off, at the sales conference, the day before the trade fair starts or directly at the trade fair stand. No matter where, the result is the same: a motivated and well-prepared trade fair team that knows exactly how to inspire visitors and convey messages correctly.

Onsite coaching

Play it safe: a communication expert at the trade fair stand helps to implement what has been planned for the trade fair, supports the stand personnel, who may have little trade fair experience or consist of different teams, and consolidates and deepens communicative aspects of trade fair training.

Good to know


Training is everything – the trade fair team is an important cornerstone for the success of trade fair participation and should go to the trade fair as well prepared as possible.

For whom

Trade fair training is aimed at all exhibiting companies who want to prepare and support their trade fair team in the best possible way.


After a joint analysis, we develop a training concept for the time before, during and/or at the trade fair. As classic training or an intensive workshop over several days: depending on requirements, this can last one hour, one or two days or take place regularly several times a year. Live or digital, for small and large teams of between two and 200 people.

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