A check of various forms of training for successful trade fair appearances


Trade fair training is crucial for preparing employees for trade fair appearances and sharpening their communicative skills in various aspects. The variety of training forms makes it possible to respond to the different needs of the team. Here are some effective forms of training for holistic preparation.

1. Workshops with role plays

Interactive workshops and role plays simulate real trade fair environments. Employees can practice situations in a protected environment, receive feedback and improve their skills.


Promotion of practical experience, improvement of communication skills, identification of strengths and weaknesses.

2. Individual coaching

Personal coaching offers the opportunity to address the specific needs and challenges of individual employees. An experienced coach can identify individual development areas and offer customized solutions.


Focused development, individual support, confidence building.

3. Web-based training

Online training or interactive webinars make it possible to deliver training flexibly and from any location. Interactive elements can increase attention and convey complex content in an understandable way.


Joint participation of decentralized teams with little effort, time flexibility.

4. Group training and team-building exercises

Group training promotes teamwork. Team-building exercises strengthen the team spirit and improve team dynamics, which can have a positive effect on the trade fair presentation.


Promotion of teamwork, improved communication within the team, creation of mutual trust for trade fair challenges.

5. Industry-specific trade fair training

Specific training tailored to the requirements of a particular industry offers practical insights, provides relevant industry knowledge and information on the behavioral patterns of specific target groups.


Better understanding of industry-specific requirements, targeted preparation for industry-specific questions and target groups.

6. Live demonstrations and practical exercises

Live demonstrations and practical exercises at the trade fair stand make it possible to present products or services authentically and to practise dealing with potential customers.




Improved product presentation, development of communication skills on the “trade fair stand stage”, realistic experience.

7. Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs offer the opportunity to use experienced trade show communications professionals as mentors to support newer team members and develop their skills.


Knowledge transfer, exchange of experience, personal support.

8. Keynote speeches

As part of sales conferences or internal trade fair training sessions, keynote speeches focus on the most important topics of communication at the trade fair stand. They sharpen the trade fair team’s focus on the most relevant topics for trade fair participation.


Refreshing communication skills, reduction to the essentials.

9. Onsite coaching

Onsite coaching during the first days of the trade fair provides the trade fair team with feedback on communication performance at the trade fair stand. In addition, concrete assistance is offered for the implementation of content from previously conducted trade fair training sessions.



Optimization of communication during the trade fair, sparring partner at the trade fair stand by combining different forms of training, companies can ensure that their employees are fully prepared for trade fair appearances. The adaptation to different needs helps the team to act with confidence and competence at the trade fair. Meety is happy to support you in preparing your trade fair team. Click here for the trade fair training offers


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